Dad, journalist, software guy, thinker.

Born: 1968, not terribly far from the geographic center of the United States.

Trained: As a print journalist. Decided at 13 I would be a sports writer. Geared the rest of my existence toward that goal. It worked out for me; spent five years being paid to watch ballgames before moving to the desk and, eventually, into management. Worked for four different newspapers, the last three of which are among the nation’s top 50 in circulation.

Now: Spending my days right-clicking for a software company that serves the publishing industry. Live very far south. Divorced. Three wonderful kids.

What makes me different from you? Nothing, really. Or, everything.

Why do you do this? I believe in very few things, but one of those things is the power of the written word. If I can make you think a little bit, I’ve accomplished my purpose.

The rules here: Anything that appears on these pages is solely my opinion, and is not necessarily the opinion of my family, my employers, my friends, my co-workers, my ex-wife’s dogs, or, well, you. Your comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged. Conversation is fun. Personal attacks and falsehoods are not. Fun is good. “Not fun” makes me sad, and things that make me sad will get deleted and will likely incur bad karma for the authors.

Who am I, really? I’m a little weird about privacy, so it’s not terribly likely I’m going to reveal my name or other specific details here. If I come to trust you, however, I’ll tell you, if it’s relevant to our conversation.

Other privacy stuff: I won’t forward or post your e-mails without your permission. I won’t sell or provide your information to anybody else. I ask the same in return.


§ One Response to Me

  • Ryan says:

    I’m a friend of your cousin Brad; I think we met at a Bradoween a couple years back. I have been reading your blog the last few years. I read about your daughter starting chemotherapy. My son has been getting chemotherapy for 17 months for a brain tumor. I know that our kids are fighting different diseases and are on different treatment plans, but I wanted to let you know that if you have any questions please let us know. I know the length of the chemotherapy plans can be overwhelming at first.

    This is my son Liam’s caringbridge site if you want to read more about him.


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